Flexible marketing for consistent growth


Behind every marketing success is a message and a goal 

We work with executives who speak the language of business: revenue, new market entry, and market leadership.  We leverage current marketing trends whenever we see a benefit to the client, with the understanding that for every new tactic or practice that emerges, the business question remains the same: what do we need to invest reach our market with the right message?

At Acument, we focus on creating your brand voice, providing marketing capability and translating growth goals into marketing investments that can be managed and measured.

All of our services are customized to the client’s growth stage, market position and goals. Some examples include:


brand voice

Corporate Brand

Positioning and Messaging in New Markets

Talent Brand

Brand Training

marketing capability

Demand Generation

Program Management

Building the Marketing Function

Workforce Planning

marketing investment plans

Marketing Plans

M&A Transition

Channel Management