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Shift to Enterprise Selling with a Unified Brand Story

Like many B2B companies, our  $100M education technology client made multiple acquisitions, large and small, resulting in a global presence with multiple brands and multiple voices. Working closely with company executives, we developed a global brand identity that enabled Sales to capture enterprise deals with a polished, unified story.  With a new corporate website as a centerpiece, our marketing team delivered a brand roll-out that included training for every employee in the company to enable mastery of the new image and message on a global scale.

Small Company, Big Story to Big Targets

When small companies want to target big brands, they need a story that is simple, clear and immediately understood by the buyer. Sounds basic, but in a competitive world, our client found itself balancing stories that were “all things to all people” against proof points that required too much customer effort to deliver. At the same time, market trends were beginning to signal a commoditization of the client’s services, prompting the development of more productized offerings and repositioned services.

Enter their new story, “We connect engagement to demand.” Armed with this simple message, the company is now able to expand into new product and service areas with a story that captures the buyer’s attention.

Tell the Strongest Story to Investors: Maximizing Acquisitions at a Global Firm

Our client, a $1B professional services firm, looked like a collection of small brands and niche offerings from the outside.  Although the investor community responded positively to each acquisition, there was an additional opportunity to communicate a more compelling global story across the Healthcare, Energy and Technology markets. We conducted stakeholder interviews with every member of the executive team to create a brand and communications architecture. That architecture served as a clear, concise map of “Who we are and what we do.” The EVP of Strategy utilized the architecture to strategically frame the content and format for investor days and analyst briefings.