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Strong capability, strong performance

Working in B2B marketing for over 20 years provided opportunities to be part of success stories at organizations of all sizes: launching global brands, bringing new products to market and running campaigns to drive pipeline.

But, along with every successful initiative, I was also directed to work on several efforts that lacked a defined goal, so they were doomed to miss the mark from the start. In my experience, the link between business goals and marketing initiatives is weak at more organizations than you might think.

I founded Acument to make marketing strong: as a capability, an investment and a business driver. Our approach is designed to help  clients prioritize and engage the resources they need immediately, discard what is no longer relevant, and plan for performance.


Erica Pierson


Erica Pierson is the president and CEO of Acument LLC, a marketing services company that provides strategic guidance, brand messaging and campaign management to growing organizations.  Her experience spans multiple marketing disciplines: architecting and launching global brands, building and managing marketing teams and functions, and delivering messaging campaigns that drive pipeline.

She has over 20 years of marketing experience, serving in leadership roles in the professional services, software, federal contracting and recruitment technology industries. Her broad organizational experience ranges from start-ups to trade associations to global publicly traded companies, where she implemented a mix of product and service marketing strategies.

In every marketing role, Ms. Pierson approaches the business goals first and aligns marketing strategies and programs to achieve those goals, which have included communicating a consistent global story, reaching decision makers in new markets, and attracting investors.

Areas of Expertise

  • Brand Strategy
  • Talent Branding and Recruitment
  • Building a Marketing Engine
  • Integrating M&A Investments
  • Entering New Markets
  • Launching New Products
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Columbia Business School

The American University
B.A., History